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Chapter 2: Mission of Hope

Imagine if Daybreak could be considered a first responder, called upon whenever there is a need in the community like she responded with 3,300 Christmas shoe boxes for kids around the world, served 685 children through Angel Tree, the 12 ministries in Grand Rapids we partner with on Second Saturdays, giving 2,500 bags of groceries, relief teams sent to Haiti, Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Oklahoma tornado victims and wells in Zambia, Africa. Imagine if other churches around the country and world could organize themselves to meet more than just the spiritual needs of their communities. Imagine if people could see Jesus everywhere, on every street and every corner. We want to offer that kind of hope.

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The Vision

The beauty of ministry is that everyone can make a difference! Establishing Chapter 2: Mission of Hope in our community and beyond means that for every way a person can be lost, we will provide a practical way for them to be found in the very place they have ended up. Serving every street and every person requires thoughtful action. By focusing on six major initiatives, we will work towards accomplishing all that God has called us to.

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