The Creative Arts at Daybreak offer opportunities to express your talent and engage your imagination. Check out the many ministries that include visual arts, technical arts, performance arts and communication arts. It is our desire to place God’s creativity on display through the use of visual communication, art and production.

Performing Arts
Music, drama and dance play a vital part in the weekend services at Daybreak. The Performing Arts features a full cast of musicians, actors, writers and dreamers.

Technical Arts
If you enjoy pushing buttons, working with lights sound or video, then the Technical Arts Team is for you! We offer a unique mentoring program for developing skills in the area of technology.

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts Team is an engaging group of artists and craftsmen who create works of celebration, introspection and influence through video, animation and set design.

The Communications Team focuses on graphics, marketing and daybreak’s website. This group is comprised of graphic designers, copy writers, web designers and marketing specialists.

Stage Hands
Stage hands serve at the weekend services and help to keep the services running smoothly. You can serve at the morning or the evening services.

Join A Team
If you are interested in the Creative Arts, please take a moment to register and find out more information about volunteering.