Our team arrived yesterday at 3:30. It was a great trip and all went well.

This morning we took a tour of the Mission of Hope grounds. Jim Hathaway worked on the building pictured and it was exciting for him to get inside and see his work completed. This is a warehouse for storing food and feeds 91,000 children a meal each day, 91,000! Jim spent a week running electrical wires and putting office furniture together and is proud of how it turned out. By 2020 they hope to be getting 200,000 meals per day out of there.

This morning we took a tour of the grounds. It’s pretty amazing. They have an orphanage, guest house, the warehouse mentioned above, a school that serves 600 children per day as well as the church and many other support buildings.

After church we visited some of their other properties including a city with 630 houses built over the last few years to replace tent homes, a pastor training center that serves 600, a ‘rest home’ for 20 elderly people and well as dormitories and support facilities.

We’ve also meet a mother/daughter duo from North Carolina that have joined us for devotions. Terrie Barton did an awesome job with devotions tonight and we are ready for bed. It’s very warm and humid here and we’re not used to it. It was 97 today with high humidity.

Tomorrow we will get more training and then go into our village of Fovo. Thanks for your prayers! We feel them!


Jim Hathaway surveys a building that he worked on.

Jim Hathaway surveys a building that he worked on.

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