Terrie Barton was sick last night and didn’t go with us to the village. She was feeling better at noon but didn’t want to be far from a bathroom. Please pray for her full recovery so she can join us tomorrow.

We went back into Fovo today. Our job was to give out water filters and show them how to use them. The kit is quite simple. The filter and equipment fit in a 1 qt. baggy and you use it with a 5 gallon bucket. We went to 5 different homes and gave them out and showed them how to use it. They were very grateful for them.

Our village champion, with the help of local pastors lead us to those who could benefit the most. One of them was named Vladimir. He drives a Tap Tap (taxi). He and his wife have a beautiful daughter and a baby on the way. He started out giving us a lecture on giving Haitian’s fish but not teaching them how to fish. We shared with him how Mission of Hope works, teaching people to fish. How they work with village champions, local churches, US churches, and MOH to find out needs and met them, to educate their children so Haitians learn how to lead, how to catch fish. In other words we lectured him back. We talked for over an hour and in the end we were close brothers. We prayed over his family and before we left he gave us a prayer of blessing!

Our biggest concern is that there are over 1,000 kids who need to be sponsored for school and we can take care of that at our Cross Culture dinner at Daybreak in a few weeks. Please plan on attending and doing this, it makes an incredible difference in kids lives. Soon we will have dinner and then go to church right here at the Mission.

Thanks for your prayers, pray for Terrie’s health.