Terrie is much better today. She joined us in going to Bercy. The Bercy property is ocean front and it was given to MOH with the stipulation they build a nursing home for older people  who lived nearby. The property also has a pastor trading center that hold over 300, dormitories, several guest houses and support buildings. Our job in the morning was to visit with the elderly people, play games, color and talk. We had a great time finding out who they were and what they did. Kris Dekker sent us with hats for the men and bracelets for the women and they really appreciated it!

In the afternoon we went back to Fovo and gave away our final water filter kit and made one final survey census at a Fovo home. We all have really enjoyed the relationships we’ve built with Haitians! The team was great on another warm day. Again it was in the 90’s with high humidity.
Melissa has been a kid ‘magnet’. They are all over  her all day, if she sits down they start doing her hair!

We all believe that the way MOH does it’s business is making a big difference and are proud to be a part of it! Tomorrow we will be painting at an orphanage near Fovo. Thanks for your prayers!