Today is a day of rest for our team. After breakfast we went down to the Artisan Store to have the ‘Artisan Experience’. Speaking for the men in our group, I wasn’t very excited about it. It turned out great!

Wiki was our guide. First he told his story. He was sponsored in MOH’s school in 1997 as an 11 year old, graduated and become a translator for MOH and then a board member sponsored him to a University in the Dominican Republic, which shares the island with Haiti. After receiving his MBA he is now running the 3 Chords operation. 3 Chords started when MOH brought together amputees, deaf and blind people to make crafts.after the earthquake. These have been sold at Daybreak’s cross culture dinner.  The money raised supports the ladies working there.  You can buy online, just Google ‘3 Chords Haiti’.

After that Wiki told the story of 3 Chords and its people. Then we went down to meet them. They introduced themselves to us using a translator, then we did the same.Then we all braided  a headband. Kyle finished last and it wasn’t good! The lady that was teaching him was deaf and she kept laughing at him with her friend!  The others headbands looked good. We enjoyed our whole time there!

Then we were driven out to Wahoo Beach resort. Our team also paid to have our translator and village champion come. We had a great afternoon. We are all ready to come home, except for the weather. We’ve had some amazing experiences and are anxious to share them.

Thanks for your prayers. Please play for a safe arrival. Our initial flight leaves at 3:30pm tomorrow and we get to GR at midnight.