Haiti 2018- Day 1


Today Daybreak's Haiti team arrived in Port-au-Prince Haiti safely and without any hiccups. There were 3 separate flights taking them from Grand Rapids to Haiti. Upon arrival the team was transported via school bus to the city of Titanyen, about 45 minutes from the country’s capitol. 

One thing that is shocking about Haitian culture is their driving. There are no speed limits, no road signs, and definitely no use of blinkers. It was an odd experience being inches away from oncoming traffic and being able to look down the side of a mountain.

All in all, the team is excited and feels prepared for the week to come.

The team asks that you pray for good weather, that all food needs will be met, that the people of Haiti will receive the message of Christ well and that the team grows, both in their individual walls, and as a group.

Thank you for your prayers and support as the team steps out of their modern world comforts and experiences life from the point of view as most of the world’s population.

Ben Hanes, Joe Larner, Amber Null, Shannon Beatty, Kris Burkholder, Devon Mara

Todd HostetlerComment