Haiti 2018- Day 2


Today Daybreak’s Haiti team was given a tour of the Mission of Hope facilities. The campus has multiple ministries including: schools’ medical clinics, orphanages, markets, and a food warehouse, all to serve and give back to the people of Haiti but most importantly equipping Haitians to help Haitians. 

After the tour we were given an awesome opportunity to sit in on the church services here on the Mission of Hope campus. We were first greeted by a slew of young boys who only wanted to hold our hands and hug us. Throughout most of the service there was not a time when we were not accompanied by a young boy. We also realized no matter where you are in the world that teenage boys will run, jump, and cause as much trouble as they possibly can, but all in good fun.

We were all amazed and awed by the Haitian service. Although we could not understand the language we could feel God’s presence and power in that room.

The church was nearly 300 people strong with a full band, vocal team, and sound system. The members were all full of life and full of the Lord.

After lunch we were able to tour some of the off-campus facilities. Mission of Hope influences many villages across the country in many different ways. We were able to visit the Bercy Campus which acts as an elderly home, a camp for other teams, and a resort that will act as work/resort opportunity for families. 

We also we able to visit the village of Laveque (La-vek), which is smaller village connected with Mission of Hope. After the 2010 Earthquake many families across Haiti were left without homes. Temporary tarp houses were built for these families, but these house were strictly meant to be used for a maximum of 6 months.  However, they have been in use for over 7 years. Mission of Hope was able to build over 600 bloc houses to replace the ones with tarps, left over from the earthquake. 

Our team has been affected in many ways over the last couple of days. One of our team members, Ben, had a unique experience today while watching and interacting with kids during church.

“One thing God is teaching me is to not force spiritual moments. Not everything we do has to be pious and spiritual in nature, especially when interacting with kids. It’s okay to be fun and silly. What these people need is for us to be real with them and in the moment. They need us to just love them the way God loves them, as they are.” - Ben Hanes

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