Haiti- Day 3


This morning started with our usual bus ride into Fovo, about 30 minutes, if you think Michigan roads are bad, you have not been to Haiti yet. After arriving to Fovo in the morning we were met by the local pastor, “Zacchaeus”, and given a tour of the facilities and the school on campus. We were able to install 4 water filters across the village. We were able to pray with the families impacted by the filters. These filters are able to clean water for almost 10 years. 

In the afternoon we were able to do out SVT (Strategic Village Time). During the afternoon we would work with families to assess their medical needs and view their living situations. While doing SVT we were able to love on children and encourage the families.

One awesome experience we had was having young boys immediately start jumping into our arms and not letting go. We were able to play with these boys for hours. They loved climbing on our shoulders, shooting us with their fake guns, and grabbing our phones. 

We were reluctant to leave them because they took our hearts the moment they grabbed our hands, but we were thankful we’ll be able to see them later in the week at our Kids Club. 

One crazy thing that happened when we were passing out water filters. At one house we met a man was not religious and had not been in church in a while, but our presence there really helped him to ask questions and rethink his own faith.

The team was able to end their night with an early debrief and playing some games. 

We ask you to keep us in your prayers as we push through the rest of this week. Tomorrow we will be planting trees, one for each of us and one in memory of Kyle Clausen, who was close with Fovo’s village champion. 

There is also a large holiday this week commemorating the death of Haitians first leader after the revolution. 

“Being in one of the poorest nations in the world has really got me thinking about how much I complain. Between everything in my life that I think stresses me out, people here would do anything to have a fraction of my problems, yet they are some of the happiest people I have met.” - Devon Mara 



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