Haiti- Day 4


Today was a little more emotional than the last few days. We were given the opportunity to plant a tree in memory of Kyle Clausen today. This coconut tree was planted in the village square near the main pavilion. It will provide shade when it is fully grown and will give food to the village in just a few years. Along with Kyle’s tree, we planted three other coconut trees and three lime trees. In just a few years the trees will be able to provide food for the village and will hopefully last for many generations.

We had the opportunity to hand out gifts from some Daybreak families to their sponsored children at Mission of Hope. Being able to see their faces when they saw and felt love from people thousands of miles away was just amazing. We got to ask them about their school and home life and because of Daybreak they are able to eat and go to school every single day.

Because of the Holiday tomorrow (Wednesday) we stayed on the compound this afternoon and helped with small projects they’ve been meaning to get to. The Holiday festivities usually start late on Tuesday and continue on to Wednesday with parades, music and dancing.

While working on campus we were able to remove weeds from one of the parks on site and clean up one of the classrooms that will be used for missionaries children in the future. 

Tonight, we also were able to enjoy the worship service put on by the church on campus. Although we weren’t able to understand the language again, we still enjoyed ourselves with lots of singing and dancing! Please continue to pray for the teams working here, as well as for the people of Haiti.

Todd Hostetler2 Comments