Bahamas- Day 1


After flying in last night, we got put up in a hotel to wait for our chartered flight out of St Petersburg today. We met two other relief workers there (Ken and Jack) and got to know them a bit before heading to the island. Our flight today was scheduled for 2 pm. Around 10 am, we got an urgent message from World Hope requesting items to bring along with us. We scrambled a bit wondering how we were going to find the hodge-podge combination of items. Incredibly, we found nearly everything that was requested in one trip to the big box hardware store. We never would have expected to find bicycle pumps, 12v auto tire inflators, car batteries, propane tanks, jumper cables, etc. in the quantities we needed in one place. We had an extra helper upstairs guiding us to exactly what was needed :)  Our flight to Marsh Harbour was on a chartered prop plane that only seats 9 people and gear. It was a stark contrast from the commercial flights we had down to Tampa. Upon arrival, we got our first glimpses of the damage that this country has sustained. The airport had hangars and office buildings that were partially destroyed. There are so many trees that have snapped like twigs.  We met Keith from World Hope at the airport and he brought us to the school where we will be staying and working for the next week. We jumped right into the task of filling water jugs for the locals who have no access to clean water. There is an almost non-stop stream of people coming to get water. Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray for our team, for World Hope, and for all the people of the Bahamas that are affected by this disaster. 


Daybreak’s Hurricane Dorian Team

Ben Hanes and Ryan Moore

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