Bahamas- Day 2


Busy, busy day today! As we are one of the few places where fresh water is available for bathing and drinking, the locals and some of the other aid workers are constantly coming to us to fill their jugs and bags with water. We hardly had time to sit and take a breath! 

We got some training on the water treatment equipment and the process of producing clean, healthy drinking water from seawater or other brackish water. World Hope has several Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration systems. Each system comes as a self-contained unit, and the pumps can be powered by several different electrical inputs, including solar power. When the sun is out, the pumps run 100% on solar power, but they can switch to battery power if it gets cloudy. There is also an option to run them off generator power, but fuel is a very valuable commodity right now. 

Everyone who stops by to pick up water has been incredibly kind and grateful. There is so much work to be done to clean up this area, and they are so appreciative of any assistance. It is a reminder of what a blessing we have back home to have water available at all times for washing, bathing, and drinking.

Thank you for your prayers, and please co tinge to pray on behalf of the people of the Bahamas, the aid workers, and our team specifically. It is hard work down here but we know this is where God has led us in this time of need. 

It would take hours to tell you the crazy exciting things that have gone on so far today. Came up with an idea to cut the water delivery in half while I laid awake all night and it works! I met the director of police who came with the fire department and a fire truck because they needed 500 gallons of water immediately. We got a massive generator running that hasn’t run in at least a decade which is now providing water to the school.  Met a high ranking military guy and the Director of Security for the United Nations. 


Daybreak’s Hurricane Dorian Team

Ben Hanes and Ryan Moore

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