Bahamas- Day 3


We’ve gotten into a nice routine: we wake up at sunrise, get some coffee and a little breakfast, and then our day begins. While there are lulls during the day, the stream of people coming for water is near constant. It is hard work lifting and pouring buckets of water from sunrise to sundown, but it is a small challenge compared to what the people down here have been through.

Many of the people who evacuated during the hurricane are returning this week to assess the damage and begin the process of rebuilding their homes or businesses. It is difficult to grasp the scale of this disaster through words and pictures. The people we meet are understandably shocked at their situation, but their attitude is incredibly positive!

While filling water bottles today, a local asked if anyone was available to look at their well pump.  The pump is located at a local church. While the water is not safe for drinking, the people there wanted to use the well to help others fill water bottles for bathing and cleaning. The pump was able to run off a generator, but no water was coming out. We were able to show them how to prime the well pump and get water flowing so they can assist others in need in their community.

It’s incredible to see so many people from so many different places all working together toward common goals. We have met other aid workers from Canada, the UK, and the Netherlands. Every person we’ve met, local or relief worker, has been gracious and kind, offering tools and assistance when needed. A group called World Central Kitchen has even provided us with one hot meal each day. Believe me when I say we cheer when she pulls up to our site!

There is always something to do here, but even in times like these the island still moves at its own pace. We are tired but happy to be a part of this ongoing effort. Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers! We know God is watching over us and directing our work here. Specifically, please pray for our team lead from World Hope, Keith. He has done an incredible job of working with the local government, as well as the other NGO’s, to coordinate the filtration and distribution of clean water to affected people. Pray that he would continue to go where God has called him, that he would have strength to continue the work, and that he will rest on the Lord whenever things get difficult.

Thanks again for your support!

“He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.” Psalms 23:3 NLT

Daybreak’s Hurricane Dorian Team

Ben Hanes and Ryan Moore



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