Bahamas- Day 4


Over the last few days, the Bahamas Defense Force and another disaster relief organization (Team Rubicon) have been working to supply the school we are staying at with a generator to power pumps and lights. We had the opportunity to work along with them to wire up the electric panels in the pump house and to verify that the cables supplying the school were still functional. We are blessed to have a larger generator to run our water pumps so that we can continue to work even on cloudy days and at night, but also to have electricity in the building we are working out of.

While filling water bottles today, we spoke with a local pastor who told us about his experience during the hurricane. We recorded his story on video which we will post when we return. He was praying through the storm that the roof would not give out on his home. His neighbors houses had collapsed, and they came to him seeking shelter from the wind and floods. He opened his home to all his neighbors during the worst of the hurricane, again praying that the roof would hold. After the winds died down, the roof was still intact. He gave all glory to God for keeping them safe during the storm. We prayed with him and asked God to continue to give him strength and to spread the love of God to his neighbors.

We notice a common attitude among the people down here: unity. One man told us that before the storm hit, he didn’t like this person or that neighbor. After the storm, their petty differences don’t matter anymore. He said that everyone is coming together to help each other in this time of need. It is really incredible to see the optimism in the people here. 

Please pray for clarity for the groups coordinating efforts down here. It is a very complex and ever-changing challenge that requires a lot of flexibility and patience. Pray also for the families returning this week. Pray that we can be a symbol of hope and Gods eternal love in these trying times.

Thank you for your prayers! We can feel God moving in our hearts and we know He is watching over us all down here. 

“Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.” Romans 12:12 NLT

Daybreak’s Hurricane Dorian Team

Ben Hanes and Ryan Moore



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