Bahamas- Day 7


Our last day in the Bahamas was a lot like every other day! We continue to fill a need for filtered bathing water and clean, fresh drinking water.

Progress has been made in the municipal water supply system and it may be up and running (at least to the school we are working from) early next week. This would be a great step forward for providing clean water in massive quantities.

We have been blessed to meet and get to know so many people here on the island. We see many of the same faces every day. They know why we are here and are so appreciative that we would travel all this way to help. It really has been a pleasure to serve these people, physically and spiritually. We are taking it all in as we get ready to start our journey home tomorrow.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Please continue to pray for this entire situation in the Bahamas. They will need help rebuilding for years to come after this storm. Pray also that the remaining two months in this hurricane season would be mild.

Daybreak’s Hurricane Dorian Team

Ben Hanes and Ryan Moore


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