Sierra Leone Team- Travel and Arrival into Freetown, First Night in Makeni

We made it from Grand Rapids to Dulles airport without any issues, and we were able to find out next flight's gate and get our boarding passes there. During our layover we grabbed some lunch and we happened upon Wes' favorite restaurant as we were scoping out the options.

We didn't actually eat at Carrabba's, but opted for Chipotle instead.

We met up with an additional team member, Curtis, and headed to Paris, our first of 2 long flights Wich was 7 hours. We did get caught by a 30 minute delay for our Paris flight but we still had plenty of time between flights to get to our next gate. We actually had to take a tram from one gate to the next. After another long flight we arrived in Freetown. We got through immigration and got our luggage and looked for our local World Hope team.

We got all of our luggage packed into a pickup loaded into the 2 vehicles and headed to Makeni which was another 3+ hour drive. It was dark by the time we arrived at the hotel but we got everything unloaded, prayed together, and headed to bed.

We will be heading to church in Katherie on Sunday morning. Please continue to by pray for the team as we build relationships with each other and our friends in Sierra Leone.

Todd HostetlerComment