Sierra Leone Team- Our Day In Kathirie, Church And Children

Our day started at 8am with breakfast: eggs, toast, and a hot dog! After that we climbed aboard 2 World Hope International vehicles to attend the church service in Kathirie.

As we drove into the village of Kathirie we we're greeted with children running alongside waiving and smiling at us. You would have thought we were somebody important.

When we reached the church the pastor's wife ran out to greet us and gave us hugs. We had gotten there early so we were able to attend the children's Sunday School.

Just as the service started we heard a vehicle drive up and a well dressed, distinguished, gentleman walked in. He turned out to be the National Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone, his name is John, and he picked Kathirie to visit that day.

The service started with singing, hand clapping, drums, and dancing. Men & women, both young and old, and even the little babies all participated. It was a beautiful and moving experience.

Tim gave a message on praying and God answering our prayers. One of the key points being that God's answer might not always be the answer we want but it might be because He has some better for us. John, the superintendent, translated for Tim. The speak some English, but they also speak Krio natively.

Offerings we're taken - men, women, youth and children all had separate baskets to put their offerings in. Then their treasurer, a young boy who walks 5 miles from Makeni, counted each basket and announced each total. This was done for each offering, general, building, and missions. John explained that the churches in Sierra Leone are encouraged to give to build churches and pay pastors in order to minister to the people of Sierra Leone.

After the service we walked around the village a bit. Dawn & Kris had a couple of little girls hold their hands as they walked to the well that Daybreak helped get drilled in 2013.

Ron and Terry had a memorable time with a group of children singing “Old McDonald - EIEIO!”. There was an adorable little girl who sang a song, with hands on her hips as she shimmied. We may not have understood the words but she sure knew how to entertain us.

Mike and Curtis wandered around, visiting and taking pictures. The children loved getting their pictures taken but enjoyed seeing themselves even more. Sometimes there were so many little heads in the way you couldn't even see your camera.

Afterwards, we came back to our hotel for a late lunch/early supper. We then spent the rest of the day reliving our experiences and getting things prepared for the next day's visits, the World Hope offices and a couple of villages who recently had Wells installed.

Thank you for you support. Your prayers are much appreciated to keep us safe, healthy, and well hydrated.