Sierra Leone Team- A Village With No Water

We started off our day in typical fashion, in the hotel restaurant, for breakfast at 8 a.m.  Everyone was in good spirits after getting some well needed sleep, and after the daily physical check-in of how is everyone feeling, we were off to our first visit of the day - the child sponsored school of Bombali Bana.  BTW - everyone is doing very well physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The school of Bombali Bana is different. Every child that attends is sponsored by the generous donations through World Hope International.  The fact that 364 children now have the opportunity to learn is extraordinary.  We also saw that the children were extremely well mannered and honored to be at school.  They also had a water well right outside of the school.  We were able to visit each classroom, say "hello" to the students, encourage them to stay in school and chat with the school's headmaster.  Great program with beautiful kids.  The younger students got a big kick out of being introduced to "Big Mike!"  After about a hour, we loaded up to visit our main village of the day - Ronkorhun.

The village of Ronkorhun was about a hour from Bombali Bana.  This village has no water well and has recently started the process of a village sponsorship with a Wesleyan Church out of Delaware.  This is the same sponsorship program that Daybreak has with Kathirie.  The entire team was greeted with singing, dancing and beautiful children.  We met in the village community center and introduced our team.  From the village leadership, all the way to the children, they were so happy that we were there and christians were going to help!  

We had the opportunity to walk with the entire village to their current watering hole, which was dried out from the dry season, so they have to walk an additional 2 miles to the nearest water supply which happens to be a World Hope International water well.  So strange that in this day and age, people still do not have easy access to a clean water source.  The entire team is just so thankful this village has hope through the sponsorship program.  Before we left, the village elders presented the team with a goat, which we now affectionately call Daybreak II!  

We are off to the Daybreak's sponsored village of Kathirie on Wednesday for an all day bible camp with music, dancing, food and celebration!  More to come!

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