Sierra Leone Team- Visiting World Hope

On Monday we started the day at the World Hope offices. We met with well drilling team including one of the geologists and the support staff. This included a tour of the offices and the mechanics area with drilling equipment.

From there we drove out to a clinic in Makeni that had washing stations, which included bathrooms and showers, that World Hope was involved in building. There was a birthing center there which included a birthing room with a small attached recovery room. It was very humbling to see and to think how fortunate we are to have the facilities that we do.

We left the clinic and travelled to the village of Rogbin. There we we're greeted with music and what could be described as a small parade. We had arrived for a well dedication ceremony. About the entire village showed up. We met the village chief and a number of other important people within the village. People from World Hope spoke about taking care of the well in order for it to last a long time. It was surprising to learn about them charging a small fee to some in order to help maintain the well.

Ron Bussa got a chance to pump the well into a young girl's cup. After the dedication they served us lunch while the whole village was watching. This was very humbling to be a part of.

After leaving Rogbin we headed back to the World Hope offices for a debriefing.

Please continue to pray for safety and healthy for our team.

Todd HostetlerComment