Sierra Leone Team- Kids Day Camp at Kathirie

Today we returned to the village of Kathirie (Daybreak's partnership village) for the kids day camp. We we're greeted by all the kids sitting under a shade tree in their school benches.

When we got out of the vehicles we immediately we immediately started dancing with the kids. Some of them can really dance! Each team member had numerous kids dancing with them. Ron tried to start a Conga line.

The festivities lasted about 5 hours. We danced and sang. The kids sang a welcome song to us. Terry had led the team in singing “Who is the king of the jungle”. Dawn tried to help the team remember the motions, but it was a list cause, ha. Kris belted put a verse of “Jesus Loves Me”.

We completed 2 crafts with the kids. The first craft was a pipe cleaner bracelet the kids could twist or braid it and the team helped put them on. The second craft was a crown made out of a paper plate and stickers. The paper plate was precut so the kids could make the folds and decorate them with the stickers. They loved dancing with the crowns on their heads. The last activity was the story of Esther, presented by Ron. We did the best we could to act out the story with each team member taking a role.

Before lunch we presented the school with gifts and supplies, and the pastor with 4 audio Bibles. We were also welcomed into the parsonage where the pastor showed us the new furniture given by Daybreak.

Lunch was made by the women of the village. The kids first washed up which was a product of World Hope teaching the importance of hygiene. The entire community enjoyed a meal of fish stew over rice for lunch.

After lunch it was time to leave. It's so satisfying to wave to the kids and watch them wave back with smiles on their faces, stickers all over, and sticky fingers from candy. The love of Jesus Christ was very present in the village that day.

Todd HostetlerComment