abby delaney/nursery
aimee dykstra/connection groups director
amber rossiter/creative arts support
aprille marsh/office receptionist
claudia dupin/executive pastor
dan geary/video editor
devon mara/technical assistant
drew woznick/next steps director
emile vandenberg/children's ministry support
george beals/missions coach
jayson brewer/student ministry coach
jennifer hostetler/executive support
jeff henderson/men’s ministry director
jo deglopper/office operations director
john huisinga/children’s ministry director
jon rink/student worship director
kara hanes/student ministry support
kaylynn woznick/middle school director
kris dekker/missions director
kris larabee/norm’s café 
lindy hathaway/office operations support
mark courtney/creative arts director
mary merrill/executive support
melanie gifford/executive support
penny geers/kids hope director
roger doane/buildings and grounds
sam geers/video editor
sherry gorveatte/finance administrator
skyler norton/high school director
steve anzivino/music director
steve frody/outreach director
tim way/teaching pastor
todd hostetler/executive director of ministries
wes dupin/lead pastor
yvonne wilkins/creative arts support