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HIPTOWN Kids Birth - 4th Grade
FUEL Students 5th - 8th Grade
FLOOD Students 9th - 12th Grade


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Families matter at Daybreak and you will discover a creative and engaging variety of programs for your kids and students.



A place for kids.

Sunday at 9:30am & 11:00am

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At Daybreak, we know what kids like.

What do they like? Laughter, ice cream, friends, bicycle rides, swimming, and yes, even their brothers and sisters, well, sometimes.

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But, we also know what kids need.

What do they need?  Love, safety, small group leaders, encouragement, and most of all... Jesus.

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So, what do we do in Hiptown?

Every Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00, kids experience something new. Our weekend programming for kids is designed intentionally for them. It’s full of fun, music, laughter, prizes, and truth that kids can apply to their everyday lives.


For grades 5 - 8.

Mondays at 7:00pm


For grades 9 - 12.

Sundays at 6:00pm

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middle school


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Hanging On

11, 12, 13. These are the awkward years. You remember right? Greasy hair, frizzy hair, don’t care. Weight gain and weight loss. You feel like an adult but everyone treats you like a kid.Life for a middle schooler is rough. Forget trying to figure out who you are in Christ. Preteens are hanging onto the struggle bus for dear life.

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Who Is God?

At Daybreak, we believe in Middle Schoolers. We know that this is a very transitional time for them, but we also know that it’s a very pivotal moment for them. They are asking some of the most important questions about who God is and what faith is all about. And this is our opportunity to leverage this moment with positive, caring leaders who spend time each week with our Middle Schoolers.

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Wild and Crazy

Fuel is a high energy program on Monday nights for 5th-8th graders. The music is loud, the games are wild and crazy, there’s a short, practical message and students get to make new friends with each other and their leaders in a small group every week.


For grades 9 - 12.

Sunday at 6:00pm

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high school

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Extra Full

Today’s high schoolers are busy. Sports and extracurriculars, AP courses, after-school jobs, internships, volunteer activities and SAT prep more-than fill up a semester.

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A Bigger Story

High schoolers want more than theory. They want to know what is helpful for life right now.  And these are the years where they relate to a God who guides their decisions, promotes love and forgiveness, empowers their freedom, enables them to live more fully, moves them toward a greater purpose and identity, and connects them to a bigger story.

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High Energy

Flood is a high energy program on Sunday nights designed specifically for high school students.  Each week features games, live music, a short message, and small group time with their leaders and friends.