Day 14

Intimacy is built on trust. When trust is present, two individuals have the ability to reveal their hearts and their bodies fully to one another. Yet when any distrust exists, it often shows itself first in the bedroom. 

In Friends, Partners, and Lovers, I write, "Skittish is the antithesis of sexy." (pg. 62) Nothing is more personal than sex. Good sex requires vulnerability of body, mind, and spirit. When trust is present, a couple can develop a meaningful sexual connection. When it's absent, they will likely struggle to connect. 

Healthy couples continually consider the importance of trust in their relationship. They do nothing to threaten their spouse's trust. And they are diligent in not allowing the actions of others to hinder how they view their spouse.

In the bedroom, trust is far more important than technique.  

Application: Do you trust your spouse? If the answer is no, seek professional help as a couple. If the answer is yes, thank them for being trustworthy. 

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