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Tek Team


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Here is what you will learn with this training:

  • Training Resources
  • Your Commitment
  • Overview of Master Control
  • ProPresenter Software
  • Ableton LIVE Software
  • Executing Cues
  • Producer Interactions

As a part of your training, please complete the following:

  • Go through this online training guide.
  • Watch Daybreak's Master Control Training.
  • Practice your skills at one of our rehearsals.
  • Visit your Planning Center account.

Additional Resources:

What is the time commitment for Master Control?

  • Arrive promptly on Sunday at 7:30am for the Tek Meeting located in the Office Conference Room.

  • Music Rehearsal from 8:00-8:15am.

  • Full Service Rehearsal from 8:20-9:15am.

  • Both Services at 9:30 and 11:00am. Finished up around 12:30pm.

  • Your schedule will be posted on Planning Center and you can customize it using the Block Out Dates and Scheduling Preferences which allows you to control how many Sundays a month you are scheduled.

  • You can reach Daybreak's scheduling administrator here.

What are some of the standards?

  • Please, no cell phone use while attending to Master Control.
  • Food and drinks are allowed in the Mezz, but please avoid while operating the gear.
  • We value promptness and making good use of our time.
  • Please, no guests or family in the Mezz. This helps to create a distraction free environment.

What exactly will I be controlling?

You're in control.
There, we've said it out loud. Master Control is a main (Master) computer that controls other computers (Slaves). It also controls the click tracks and the backing tracks that are used by the musicians. It may also control lighting for complex programs.

Master Control.jpg

The Master Control computer sends content for the side screens to the Studio. The Video Director "takes" the element and puts it onto the screens. This same computer sends control signals to the Prompter thus triggering ProPresent for the confidence monitors. The LED Wall computer is a "slave" to MC. Whatever is triggered on ProPresenter in MC is also triggered in ProPresenter on the LED Wall computer. Finally, MC runs software called Ableton LIVE. This software provides Click Tracks and Backing Tracks for the music.

Open the pod bay door, HAL.
During the week, the service content is programmed. This program is tested on Saturday during music rehearsals. When you arrive on Sunday, it is your role to run the programmed cues. Some cues are automated and some cues are manual. The complexity of the programming is not something that you need to learn or worry about. Your focus is on executing cues and knowing what to do if something goes haywire. Here is a list of elements that you will cue. It sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that all of this is preprogrammed for you.

  • Side Screen Song Lyrics (Called lower thirds)
  • Prompter Song Lyrics (For the musicians)
  • LED Wall Song Lyrics
  • Videos (All videos for Side Screens and the LED Wall)
  • Images (All images for Side Screens and the LED Wall)
  • Music & Sound Effects
  • Click Tracks for the Band
  • Backing Tracks for the House
  • Message Content (Including Lower Thirds, Videos, Images, etc)

Segments of the service are automated, meaning that all of the cues are triggered by the computer. These segments may be short or long. Automated segments are started in one of two ways; the "Scheduler" starts them automatically, based on what time it is or, you start it by triggering a Communication Cue.

You guessed it, manual cues are run by you. Many manual cues trigger more than one element. More about this when we talks about cues.

ProPresent is display software used on three computers; Master Control, Prompter & LED Wall.

Overview of the layout.

  1. Toolbar: Quick access to various Features.
  2. Preview: A visual of what is being output to the screens.
  3. Playlist: A collection of documents making up the service.
  4. Document Workspace: The elements that make up a document.
  5. Video/Image Bin: Available videos and images to be placed in documents.

The Toolbar.
Locate the Toolbar at the top of the software. You will notice a group of icons separated by space. These icons are grouped into similar categories. The first group are used to clear elements. Hitting one of these will execute a clear on both the MC and Wall computers. You can clear everything, clear slide, clear a background or clear audio. Next up are tools for editing. The New button creates a new document and the Editor makes it possible to edit slides within a document. Next are bins. Bins are collections of media. The Video/Image bin is a collection of videos and images. You can think of it as a library with choices to add to your documents. The second bin is the Audio bin which contains songs and sound effects. The fourth grouping are tools for programming cues. The Stage M



Live > Preferences > Audio > Audio Output Device > Choose Blackdog
To preview audio from the computer select “Built-in Output” instead of “Blackdog”


Select the metronome icon (Should be yellow)


Type the # of the song (Called Locator)
If more then 9 locators, letters will be used (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, a, b, c, d...)


Press space bar


Press space bar


On the “Markers” track, select a song segment If already playing, hit space bar 2 times
If not playing, hit space bar 1 time


Do not work in ProPresent when Ableton is playing.

You never need to STOP Ableton during a live perfornace. It has “Stop Track” cues that tell it when to stop.

Playlists are cued at the top of a song. If you jump from song A to a form in song B, the playlist will not trigger. You must first start the song then jump the form.

Video loop playlists are cued at the top of a song. You must first start the song to link to the proper video playlist.

Sliding a lyric cue, clear all or any other ProPresenter cue can cause the MIDI cue to be deleted. Take caution if it is necessary to move a cue. Open the track up and view the MIDI cue.


Houston we have a problem.

You did it! Give yourself a pat on the back.

It's time to rock it.
You have completed this training guide, watched the video tutorial, set up your Planning Center account and practiced your skills. Now it's time to use your talents to make a difference in our services at Daybreak! Way to go. Please take a moment to let us know that you are ready to serve by completing the form below.

Personal next steps.
Here are some personal "next steps" to consider on your journey at Daybreak.

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