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Come as you are. Relax and enjoy.

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Please be our guest in The Lounge where you will receive a free gift.

First Visit Daybreak Gift Bag
Second Visit Large Jet's Pizza
Third Visit Starbucks Gift Card


Pre-Register and meet us in The Lounge.

Join us after one of our Sunday services at 9:30am or 11:00am.

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What should I expect when I visit Daybreak.

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VIP Parking

On your first visit feel free to park in the VIP parking area. One of our friendly parking team members will escort you inside and introduce you to a VIP host. You will receive a free gift, cup of coffee, and a tour of the facility.  Pre-register for the VIP treatment. Locate Daybreak.

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Norm's Coffee Bar

Stop by our coffee bar for a burst of caffeine with our custom coffee drinks, teas, bagels and other treats. Yes, you can take your drink into our services, so load up, sip, guzzle and gulp.

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Check In Your Kids

Hiptown is our creative and energetic program for kids that takes place during our services. Register your kids at the Atrium kiosks or pre-register here.

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Enjoy The Service

Relax and enjoy our service in our main auditorium or from our video venue. You will find our folks to be friendly and welcoming. If you want to get oriented, here is a map of our campus.

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Stop By The Lounge

Take a brief moment after the service to stop by The Lounge which is located in the Atrium. Enjoy a free coffee, a snack and receive a gift. Our hosts are eager to meet you and answer any questions you may have.


We love to have fun and there is no better way to meet some new folks than at a party. If you're ready for a free lunch, some laughs and the Daybreak scoop, then join us at our next House Party this fall. Click on the link below and we’ll keep you posted on the details.


Meet Wes & Claudia

Wes and Claudia Dupin had it in their hearts as high school sweethearts that they wanted to change the world through the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. God used them to start Daybreak with 25 families. As founder and Lead Pastor, Wes creates, leads, inspires and teaches. The scope of his influence extends far beyond West Michigan. Claudia creates and shapes the vision of Daybreak by serving as Executive Pastor on the Executive Leadership Team.